Transforming the Edge: The Rise of MEC

There is little debate that the telephony services delivery model has undergone a formative change in the past two decades. Driven by the initial shift to IP-fueled data services, this was inevitable. While the precise evolution phases are hard to definitively establiesh, bench-mark can be defined and even tied to how we refer to service providers.

For example, along the way we have seen traditional naming conventions, such as telco, serviceprovider and network operator, supplanted by more progressive names, such as communications service provider (CoSP) or even digital service provider (DSP).

This change is largely driven by a new virtualized cloud-based service model that is reshaped the industry on every level. While this innovative communications model is still being defined, the cadence of change continues to escalate. But even in this change-driven realm, it's clear that the future of communications will rely heavily on edge computing.

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