A Blueprint for Smart City Success

A Blueprint for Smart City Success: Japan Benefits from Open Parcel Locker Network

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has over 37 million inhabitants, with more than 4.26 billion deliveries made between 2018 and 2019. The exponential increase in shipping volumes, in part due to their fast-growing e-commerce market, created the need for a modern, smart parcel delivery and retrieval solution. Packcity, Quadient’s parcel locker division in Japan, partnered with Yamato Transport Co. and Japanese officials to establish a dense, open network of carrier-agnostic parcel lockers across Tokyo to deliver a simplified, easy-to-use distribution channel for logistics providers and end-users.

In this case study, learn how Quadient's parcel locker network in Tokyo, Japan:

  • Decreased delivery costs for logistics providers and customers
  • Led to a significant reduction in misdeliveries and associated costs
  • Improved parcel delivery and collection efficiency

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