Rapid and instructive building of dependable clinical studies

Rapid and instructive building of dependable clinical studies

Southern Star Research, a leading Asia Pacific full service contract research organization based in Sydney, Australia, successfully built a comprehensive and ready-to-launch study in 4 days using solutions and services offered by IBM Clinical Development from Watson HealthTM. IBM Watson Health provided Southern Star Research with a unified cloud-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system and a training and certification program that enabled Southern Star Research to become autonomous in building future studies.

"We basically built a complete database including edit checks within 1 week. I think this was phenomenal."

Director Biometrics | Southern Star Research

What you'll learn:

  • How Southern Star Research built a clinical study in less than a week
  • Why effective data capture is central to building reliable clinical studies
  • How to overcome technological obstacles that clinical researchers are often faced with
  • How IBM Watson Health clients acquire speed and autonomy through cloud-based EDC and study-build training

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