Growing your business has never been easier. By introducing payment options in your sales process you can see up to 50% growth in sales.

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    Why EnerBank Payment Options?

    Improve Cash Flow

    Funding requests are processed within one business day, and funds are sent via ACH to your bank account of choice.

    Grow Average Project Size

    Homeowners who finance their projects spend 43.8% more.

    Increase Leads

    35% of homeowners do not know how they will pay for their project ahead of getting the initial proposal. By advertising and offering payment options, you give homeowners an easy way to pay for their project.

    Eliminate Discounting

    42% of homeowners have already developed their own project estimates before you even walk in the door. When you offer payment options, your customer can get the project they want without you having to discount, reduce the scope of the job or use lower quality materials.

    Boost Close Rate

    Assuming a current 25% close rate, payment options have been shown to increase close rates to 44% — nearly double!

    Reduce Cancellations

    By offering payment options, you'll see fewer job cancellations and fewer customers seeking other bids.







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