The Evolving Workplace: How Global Trends are Hitting Home for SMBs

The Evolving Workplace: How Global Trends are Hitting Home for SMBs

You walk around your office on a typical Monday morning. The floor is not buzzing with business conversations or idle chatter. Desks are socially distanced, most of which sit unfilled, some with tall plexiglass partitions in between. You swing by the lonely coffee station, just before your meeting knowing there won’t be a line of people waiting. There’s no leftover box of donuts, croissants, or pastry of choice to scavenge. You enter the conference room to lead your weekly team recap. Few employees are scattered about a large once crowded table. The rest of your key staff members are virtually congregated in little boxes filling the monitor attached to the wall.


The above scenario is a far cry from what many office environments looked like prior to 2020, but not too far-fetched from how they might look now or in the coming future. While we don’t know what the final state of work will look like, one thing is clear, we are no longer operating with the same linear office model with everyone in the office at the same time.


This e-Book provides an overview of the evolving workforce model from a global perspective, including insights, observations, and recommendations on how businesses are adapting and how SMBs can best support a hybrid workforce in the “now normal.” We also uncover how the world’s largest remote work pilot” is shattering long-standing myths around remote work.

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