HCLS/ The emergence of value-based health

The transition to value-based health “Value-based health,” like “value-based care,” uses collaboration models, shared information, and technology solutions among stakeholders to promote better outcomes across the lifespan of the individual. It is the extension of health and wellness beyond the traditional clinical environment into their daily lives, homes, and communities.

The six steps to value-based health Based on an analysis of our recent research, we have identified six steps to successfully and effectively deliver value-based health: consult the consumer; embrace empathetic automation; build support for analytics; focus on time to value; overcome innovation barriers; and optimize the “value” equation—value=quality/cost.

Delivering value Both healthcare providers and payers recognize their roles in achieving highquality and cost-effective care and the need to engage patients to consistently deliver value. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce the time in finding treatment options and augment many routine tasks.

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