Build the Networked World

The world has experienced a massive technological evolution in the last 80 years with transistors, general-purpose computing, the Internet, broadband data access, and smartphones. These are tools that enable the rapid evolution of many different facets of life and business, including cloud computing, healthcare, education, reducing poverty, extending life  expectancy, and much more. There are also great technologies to come that will change many aspects of our daily routines and business processes, including: artificial intelligence, commercial drones, driverless cars, 3D printing, renewable energy breakthroughs, and much more. It is truly a remarkable era of technological revolution.

These Technology advances have been made possible due to the networked nature of human intelligence: in fact, humankind is the first to extend beyond physical boundaries. The Internet and information technology (IT) have created the foundation on which many advances have been developed and we are now experiencing the next evolution,with a truly networked world emerging.

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